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WalletThe First Gateway to the Protocon Ecosystem, Protocon Wallet

As a Dapp Portal to connect to blockchain-based applications, Protocon Wallet provides the safest and simplest way.

  • Easy

    You can store, send, receive, and stake tokens securely and easily on Protocon Network.

  • User-Friendly

    We provide a more intuitive and familiar user interface with a user-centric UX/UI.

  • Privacy

    We do not store or track users' personal information.

  • Non-Custodial

    We never have access to user data or funds.

Keep Your Digital Assets Simple and Secure All-In-One Wallet

Protocon Wallet is an all-in-one
digital wallet
that securely creates digital wallets and easily manages digital assets. Free connectivity begins when digital assets move freely.


Make My Digital Assets Saferwith Multiple Keys

A multi-signature account is that
you can manage a wallet with two or more keys. It is called Multi-Sig, and two or more keys are divided and managed by the user, so they must sign together to send tokens.


No More Transfer Mistakes with More Security

Multi-sig is a special electronic signature method among electronic signatures. Smart contract multi-signed wallets are more secure than regular wallets and prevent accidental withdrawals.

Multi-SigHow to Utilize Multi-Sig

  • In Case of 1 of 2 Keys RequiredAvailable as a Joint Wallet for Couples

    You can manage an asset with only one signature.

  • In Case of 2 of 3 Keys RequiredAvailable as an Escrow Account

    In the event of a buyer-seller problem, a third party who is an intermediary can intervene to solve the problem.

  • In Case of 3 of 4 Keys Required or MoreAvailable as a Group Wallet, such as for Meetings

    To ensure the stability, it can only be used with the consent of more than a majority.

FeeFiWe support Dapp services via FeeFi and create eco-system together.

A new methodology to solve the problem of blockchain fees by applying DeFi financial techniques to fees

PEN tokens staked in FeeFi Pools support Dapp users to pay fees and provide Dapp tokens as rewards.

FeeFiStake the PEN and receive the fees provided by the Dapp service users.

  • Stake the PEN token with an easy and intuitive flow

  • No non-permanent loss due to changes in the price of deposited assets

  • FeeFi offers low risk but high return